Northline B2C Pallet
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Pallet collection from your door

Northline B2C Pallet

Domestic Pallet Delivery

Domestic delivery service
Domestic Delivery
Your parcel will be collected from your door
Collection Service
A printer is needed
Printer Required
Cheap  Delivery
Discounted Price
Maximum parcel weight is 1500kg
Parcels up to 1500kg
Maximum parcel length is 220cm
Maximum length 220cm
Secure online  booking
Secure Booking
Tracked  delivery
Tracked Delivery

About Northline B2C Pallet

Business to business only. Pallet delivery by road Australia wide. No top load only goods Items must be shrink wrapped on a pallet or skid. Max height: 200cm including pallet. Max weight: 1500kg. You will need a forklift to load the goods on and off the vehicle.

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