Fastway Courier Delivery


With over 30 years of experience and being established in 1983 in Napier, New Zealand, Fastway Couriers now operate in five countries including Australia, Ireland, Northern Ireland and South Africa. With operations in each country, Fastway can provide cheap and effective courier services.

With an ever-growing and extensive network of more than 700 franchise partners across Australia, Fastway can cater services far out to those hard to reach areas which is what our customers need and want.

Fastway couriers service more than 75,000 customers across Australia and New Zealand, shipping more than 32 million packages each year.
With leading edge technology, Fastway allows for a simple and easy pickup and delivery service to ensure you meet your needs on a day-to-day basis.

Fastway provide great technology with real-time tracking updates with their online track & trace system. Once a parcel is scanned in key interval points, during its journey and once it reaches its final destination, the online system is instantly updated to relay this information to our customers, so you can keep up to date whenever, wherever.

The friendly drivers are franchised couriers who make sure you are able to send and receive your parcel deliveries in great condition. As they are franchised, your driver will be your regular driver whom you can built an effective relationship with, you can also be sure they are willing to go the extra mile to keep your customer satisfied.

ParcelConnect is a service that has recently been implemented by Fastway. Should you have a busy schedule and cannot stay at home all day to wait for a delivery, fastway will deliver your shipment directly to a ParcelConnect agent where you will be able to collect the shipment from outside of normal business hours.

With this all in mind, why not arrange for us to send out a courier to you today and open the gateway to endless delivery options.