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Why You Should Display Delivery Cut-Off Dates

5th December 2022, 3:03am in Shipping Advice by Laura Hurtado Isalt

They call this time of year the silly season for a reason.

There is always last-minute scrambling around Christmas. It might be to get ingredients for the big family dinner or extra chairs for the relatives who just showed up unannounced. Then there are the gifts.

There are always presents that get left until the end. According to the Australian Retail Association, almost half of gift budgets are spent online. That’s why it’s essential to advertise cut-off dates so your buyers have the best chance of knowing their gifts will show up on time.

But there are also plenty of other reasons to display delivery dates. If you haven’t added them to your online store yet, here’s why you should.

The Importance of Showing Parcel Delivery Cut-Off Dates

Delivery services are flat out during the holiday season. Fortunately, they advertise the final day they can deliver items in time for Christmas Day. Sharing this information with your customers offers many benefits. Here are just some of them.

  • Reduction in customer service enquiries: Before a shopper hits the buy now button, they might check with you or your customer service team to see if you can deliver items before Christmas. But if you display this information clearly, you’ll see fewer of these enquiries.
  • Builds trust and satisfaction: Research has shown that customers prefer the certainty of delivery over speed. If you show cut-off dates and deliver parcels before Christmas Day, you’ll have more satisfied buyers who trust what you say.
  • Increased sales: Shoppers are more likely to complete their purchase if they see a cut-off date. It creates urgency. Without them, they risk the chance that their parcels may not show up on time.
  • Creates loyalty: If any of your parcels arrive after Christmas, these buyers are unlikely to return to your store again. Displaying dates will let them know when to place orders to receive gifts on time. When they do, they’ll be more likely to come back to shop again.

The Types of Deliveries to Display

You may want to display several delivery options if you ship parcels throughout Australia. The same goes for international dates if you send items overseas. If you’re using a multicarrier shipping solution, these are the messages you’ll want to show.

Standard Delivery

You may need to include multiple dates for standard delivery. You should show cut-off dates for to and from east coast capitals, to and from Perth metro and all other areas in Australia. If you find the date is too early, a good tip is to switch to express delivery to give customers more time to shop for gifts.

Express and Same Day Delivery

An express post service can give shoppers extra time to buy gifts. Much like the standard delivery option, you’ll want to display same state and interstate dates. You’ll also find cut-off times for international deliveries.

Domestic cut-off dates

International Delivery

It’s a good idea to show the cut-off date for each region you post packages to. The key ones are New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom, Asia Pacific and all other countries. There are standard and express post options available for these types of deliveries.

International cut-off dates

Where to Find Delivery Cut-Off Dates

If you’re using a multicarrier shipping solution like Interparcel, you don’t need to browse through courier websites to find the dates you need. We’ve placed them all in one convenient location.

On this page, take note of the cut-off dates from your preferred courier providers. Don’t forget to get Australia and international dates. Now all you need to do is display them on your website. It’s as simple as that.

How a Multicarrier Shipping Solution Can Help

When you use a multicarrier shipping solution, you’ll have access to several courier options that can get gifts to your customers. However, your shoppers need to know if they can expect packages to show up early or if they won’t arrive until after Christmas. By displaying this information, you’ll gain several benefits for your business. It will help reduce customer enquiries, build trust and increase sales.

Interparcel has published the last posting dates for Christmas on our website. You’ll find information for deliveries throughout Australia and international options. Don’t keep your customers guessing. Get the dates from this page and update your online store today!

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