Rule Manager
Set rules to save time importing your orders into the Interparcel Shipping Manager.

Interparcel Rule Manager

Save time, set rules

Rule Manager is a time-saving shipping tool designed to simplify sending parcels. You can control how your shipments are imported to the Shipping Manager by creating your own rules specific to your needs. Rules will apply to any orders in Shipping Manager, including manual orders and any imported ecommerce orders and CSV uploads.

Interparcel Rule Manager
Interparcel Rule Manager

Set your Conditions and Actions

A 'Condition' tells the Rule Manager what to look for when shipments are imported - for example, destination country, destination postcode, or shipping platform.

An 'Action' is the change applied to your imported shipments - for example, service, parcel weight, or transit cover.

The Interparcel Rule Manager is available for free to all our customers.

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How to set a rule in Rule Manager

Choose your platform

1. Navigate to Rule Manager

Log in, hover over 'Shipping Tools' and select 'Rule Manager' from the drop-down menu.

Connect to your store

2. Add a New Rule

Click the 'Add a New Rule' button and give your rule a name.

Import & fulfill orders

3. Set the Actions & Conditions

Choose your rule 'Conditions' and Actions'. You can reorder, amend or delete your rules at any time.

Examples of rules that can be set via Rule Manager

Interparcel Rule Manager Example

Example 1 - Ship all parcels to the USA using UPS Express Saver

If you love using UPS Express Saver to send your parcels to the USA, then set this rule to save time when importing your orders:

  • CONDITION: Delivery Country = USA
  • ACTION: Service = UPS Express Saver

Example 2 - Add transit cover to all Etsy items with UK delivery

Most of our services allow you to purchase additional transit cover if the item value exceeds the amount of free cover incuded. To ensure all your imported Etsy orders add extra transit cover, you would set this rule:

  • CONDITION 1: Shipping Platform = Etsy
  • CONDITION 2: Delivery Country = UK
  • ACTION: Transit Cover = Add Transit Cover
Interparcel Rule Manager Example
Interparcel Rule Manager Example

Example 3 - Send all Shopify items over 5kg from a different collection address

Ship from multiple locations? Set an alternative pick-up address for orders from a specific ecommerce platform over a certain weight.

  • CONDITION 1: Shipping Platform = Shopify
  • CONDITION 2: Parcel Weight = is greater than 5kg
  • ACTION: Ship From = [select one of your saved collection addresses]

Interparcel Rule Manager FAQ

What are the benefits of using the Rule Manager?

Interparcel Shipping Manager will automatically detect active shipping rules and apply them to imported orders to speed up manual processes. You can create as many rules as you require – as simple or complex as you wish. Our simple-to-use interface means you can manage rules in one place and edit, reorder or delete existing rules.

What types of rules can I create?

You can personalise rules to suit your shipping. For example, if you sell items online across various marketplaces, you might want to set actions depending on the platform. The choice is yours.

Will Rule Manager work for orders imported from my ecommerce integrations?

Yes, Rules will apply to any imported ecommerce orders, CSV uploads, and manually added shipments in Shipping Manager. It only works for orders created within Shipping Manager.

How long does it take to create a rule in Rule Manager?

Creating a brand-new shipping rule only takes a matter of minutes! Give it a try now to see how quick and easy it is!

How many shipping rules can I create?

You can create as many shipping rules as you like - it's also easy to reorder your rules; simply drag and drop!

Can I edit or delete a rule in Rule Manager?

Of course! To edit a rule, click the pencil icon on the left-hand bar. To delete, select the bin icon on the left-hand bar.

Still have questions?

With reputable carriers like FedEx, DHL and UPS, you can't go wrong leaving your parcels in our care.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our parcel experts.

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