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The Australia Post Hack for Effortless eCommerce Fulfilment

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Unpacking The Challenges

As a retailer, there are several challenges that can make your shipping experience feel overwhelming:

  • Spending hours fulfilling orders manually
  • Not knowing how to automate repetitive tasks
  • A poor post-purchase experience that your customers dislike
  • High subscription fees from third-party shipping platforms

Imagine the time and money you would save from solving all these problems!

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Interparcel Supercharges Your Shipping With Australia Post!

Interparcel can now be integrated with MyPost Business and Parcel Contract (eParcel) to combine Australia Post's cost-saving perks with our advanced time-saving shipping tools. Here's what you can experience from the integration:

  • Connect your ecommerce stores to our platform to centralise orders and avoid manually entering shipping details
  • Automate 85% of the fulfilment process, such as preselecting the courier you desire for each product
  • Multiple courier options for each unique product requirement
  • Branded Tracking Portal to build a relationship with your customers using your logo, colours, and upsell offers
  • Automatically send notifications and tracking numbers to each customer
  • An intuitive platform that's simple and easy to use

We also offer a 60-Day FREE Trial and a range of tools for business owners to use free of cost, so you'll get all the benefits of Australia Post and MORE.

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Why Pick Interparcel?

Interparcel has been providing a multicarrier shipping solution for over a decade, simplifying shipping with an intuitive easy-to-use platform. Recognised by the Australian Financial Review, the NORA Awards and the APAC Insider Awards, we not only provide the best rates for a range of couriers under one centralised platform but also help you enhance fulfilment processes and improve customer experience with our tools.

When you integrate your Australia Post account you'll also have access to the cheapest order fees!

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The Interparcel Difference

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Access to All of Australia Post's Services

Unlock the full range of Australia Post's services through our simple dashboard. Seamlessly navigate and utilise all the services provided by the national carrier.

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The Fastest Way to Fulfil

Experience the convenience of a streamlined process that allows you to seamlessly integrate your preferred ecommerce platforms and effortlessly import orders with just a few clicks!

Track from one point to the other

Customised Tracking Portal

Showcase your brand with a personalised tracking page for customers. Display your logo and banners to provide a branded experience and exclusive offers.

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Automate Time-Wasting Manual Tasks

Free up valuable time using our rule manager to create automated rules that remove the need for repetitive processes. Spend less time on shipping and more time on business growth.

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Save on Packaging

Optimise your packaging process with our intelligent packing algorithm. Smart boxing efficiently finds the best way to pack multi-item orders and avoid overspending.

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User-Friendly Interface

Streamline and simplify your operations with our intuitive dashboard. Effortlessly manage orders, book couriers, and print labels, all conveniently located in one central place.

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Unleashing Business Growth for Both Small and Large Enterprises

Australia Post offers streamlined shipping through MyPost Business for small businesses, while larger ones shipping over 2,000 packages yearly can enjoy discounts and benefits with Parcel Contract (eParcel) service. Australia Post caters to businesses of all sizes, and so does Interparcel!

You can seamlessly connect either your MyPost Business or Parcel Contract (eParcel) account to Interparcel. We've got you covered, no matter your business scale or shipping needs!

Trial 30 Days Free 60 DAYS FREE
Monthly Subscriptions Up to $420 $0
Consumption Fees Label Fee ORDER FEE

*Data collected from more than one competitor

Take Control and STOP Paying Extra!

At Interparcel, we understand the unique challenges that small and medium businesses face daily. That's why we've designed our services to be the ultimate solution that not only tailors to your needs, but provides the best value for money compared to all our competitors.

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Affordable Pricing for All Store Sizes

Tired of hidden fees and costly label charges?

At Interparcel, we're different. We believe in straightforward pricing that puts your business first. With us, you pay per order, not per label, and that means you get the best rates available to maximise your profits.

There's only one plan, but your order fee is different depending on the volume of your monthly orders.

First 20 Orders $0.00 FREE
21 - 100 $0.40 $0.40 - $32
101 - 500 $0.10 $32.10- $72
501 - 2,500 $0.07 $72.07 - $212
2,501 - 5,000 $0.05 $212.05 - $337
5,001 + $0.00 Fixed rate of $337

*Price depends on how many orders you send

  • 60-Day FREE Trial
  • Multiple store integrations
  • Courier selection
  • Australia Post account connection
  • Multiple collection addresses
  • Address Validation
  • Rule Manager
  • Print Manager
  • Smart Boxing
  • Branded Tracking
  • SMS and email tracking notifications
  • Customer Support via phone, chat and email
  • Analytics Dashboard

Ready to Simplify Shipping with Australia Post?

All new accounts receive a 60-Day FREE Trial with no subscriptions needed. You can also cancel your account at ANY time.

Sound too good to be true? We know that once you start using Interparcel you will love it. So we back our product with a free trial long enough for you to appreciate all of the benefits. It'll only take you a few minutes to get started, so register for your 60-Day FREE Trial now!

Accounts are charged at the end of each month based on your actual usage so there is no need to choose a plan. All prices are in AUD and excluding GST.

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Integrate your Australia Post Account With Interparcel!

1. Integrate Your Ecommerce Store With Interparcel

Seamlessly integrate your online store, whether your're using Shopify, WooCommerce, or another one of our platform partners.

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2. Create an Australia Post Account

Create an Australia Post account if you haven't already. It's completely free and is the perfect option for lightweight products.

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3. Bring Your Australia Post Account

Connect your Australia Post account with Interparcel by following the instructions below. It only takes a matter of minutes.

Connect MyPost Business
Connect eParcel

Get in touch!

Contact our sales team today to help you connect your Australia Post account!

Australia Post FAQs

How easy is it to integrate my Australia Post account with Interparcel?

Integrating your Australia Post account with Interparcel is a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly connect your account. Simply select either MyPost Business or Parcel Contract (eParcel) and follow the step by step instructions to integrate your account with Interparcel.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with Australia Post?

When you ship a package with Australia Post through Interparcel, our dedicated team of shipping solution experts is here to help. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your integration or questions about how to send your order simply email us at, and we'll provide the assistance you need. If you experience issues with your delivery, you must contact Australia Post directly at 13 76 78.

How do I track my Australia Post deliveries?

Tracking your Australia Post deliveries is quick and easy. Just head over to and enter your 12-digit tracking number. You'll instantly discover the exact location of your parcel on its delivery journey.

Use the Branded Tracking Portal to update your customers on their parcel delivery. Feel free to customise it with your brand and colour scheme.

Does Australia Post ship overseas?

Absolutely! Just like Interparcel, Australia Post offers international shipping services to over 200 countries and territories worldwide. You can conveniently ship packages internationally using Australia Post and Interparcel through our user-friendly dashboard.

Does Australia Post deliver on weekends?

While some Australia Post services provide weekend delivery options, it's important to note that the postal rates for this service are often higher.

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