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Who are Hunter Express?

Hunter Express has been delivering parcels since 1990. With over 400 staff and drivers and 1000 people within its agency and contractor group, it offers an extensive network of products and services to businesses across Australia.

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Sending a parcel with Hunter Express has never been cheaper or easier.
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Hunter Express Parcel Tracking

All our Hunter Express services include full tracking from collection to delivery as standard.
Visit our Hunter Express Tracking Page and enter your 12 digit tracking number to track your parcel

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Keep customers informed with Hunter Express’s advanced live tracking system. Known for always being present at an order pickup and a thorough shipping network for rural areas, Interparcel offers excellent rates for Hunter Express services. Then use Interparcel’s shipping tools designed to speed up your fulfillment process and enhance the post-purchase experience for your customers. Get a quote with Hunter Express today and try their Standard, Heavy, and Pallet delivery services.

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Elevate Your Shipping Experience with Interparcel and Hunter Express

  1. Streamlined Order Integration: Connect your e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, like Shopify, WooCommerce, and eBay, with ease. This streamlined integration enables quick importing, fulfilling, and managing of orders efficiently.

  2. Advanced Automation Tools: Utilise our advanced automation tools to establish various rules for everyday tasks, including order dispatch through Hunter Express. This drastically cuts down on the time and effort needed to handle shipping logistics.

  3. Enhance Customer Loyalty with Personalised Post-Purchase Features: Create a bespoke tracking portal showcasing your logo, brand colors, and promotional banners. This ensures a memorable and engaging experience that encourages customers to return.

Why Hunter Express Is the Right Choice For Your Business

Customers are at the heart of everything Hunter Express does.

It aims to exceed your expectations by remaining flexible and agile enough to evolve in line with the expectations of customers and the needs of your business.

Hunter Express reinvests over 90% of its profits back into the business. This funding builds new depots, equipment, and technology so it can deliver on its commitment to providing you with superior, efficient, and cost-effective ways to work with them.

If you’re looking for a courier partner who can evolve with your business requirements, select Hunter Express from our extensive range of suppliers.

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Cost-Effective Shipping for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Interparcel offers special, pre-negotiated rates with Hunter Express, typically available only to large corporations, now accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. By utilising our substantial shipping volumes, we secure discounted rates that provide considerable savings for your business.

Instant Access to Free Shipping Tools

  1. Automated Tracking Updates: Use email and SMS notifications to keep customers informed of the exact moment their parcel will arrive.

  2. Fulfil Orders in a Few Clicks: It’s as simple as importing orders from all your online stores, selecting your preferred courier services and finalising the booking.

  3. Save on Packaging Materials: Spend less on packaging materials with our innovative packing tool, Smart Boxing, which ensures every order is packed efficiently, so you save on delivery costs.

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Hunter Express Courier Services

The range of Hunter Express delivery services we offer are some of the most comprehensive.
Click on any courier service below to find out more information.

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