Shipping Manager
Our advanced Shipping Manager makes connecting to multiple shopping carts easy

Interparcel Shipping Manager

Shipping Made Easy

Wherever you take orders, the Interparcel Shipping Manager will help you process and despatch with ease.

Import orders from multiple eCommerce platforms and manage them in one place. Easily fix address errors, change the service, and add optional extras such as transit cover.

  • Import orders from multiple sources
  • Built in address validation and correction
  • Despatch and fulfill in a couple of clicks
  • Combine multiple parcels with Smart Boxing
Shipping Manager

The Interparcel Shipping Manager is available for free to all our customers.

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Choose your platform

1. Choose your eCommerce platform

Interparcel supports most of the popular eCommerce platforms, with more in development.

Connect to your store

2. Connect to your store

Enter your store URL and connect.

Import & fulfill orders

3. Import and fulfill your orders

Once you integrate your store, your orders will be imported into our Shipping Manager. Then choose your service and process.

Multi shopping cart integration

Wide Platform Support

We've integrated with all the popular shopping cart platforms, with more coming online all the time.

Connect your chosen platform, then you're ready to process and ship your orders as soon as they're taken.

From eBay to Shopify to WooCommerce, our integrations will have you in ship-shape within minutes.

Rapid Order Validation

When orders arrive from your shopping platform or CSV, addresses are frequently incorrect and missing data.

Using a number of smart technologies, the Shipping Manager detects issues and suggests changes.

Rapid order validation
Shipping Rules

Shipping Rules

When importing orders, you can define rules to turbo charge your order processing and save valuable time.

  • Create and order your own list of services
  • Automatically select the cheapest service
  • Automatically select the first matched service
  • Automatically select the correct collection date

Group & Filter

The Interparcel Shipping Manager groups all orders by status, so you can view:

  • All orders
  • Ready to despatch
  • Orders needing your attention

Filter all shipments that match criteria you specify, whether that's by order number, address, service, parcel contents and more.

Group and filter

Shipping Manager FAQ

Who is Interparcel Shipping Manager for?

The Shipping Manager streamlines multi carrier parcel shipping, saving valuable time. We've found parcels can usually be imported and despatched in seconds. So while anyone can use it, the greatest benefit is when a number of parcels are sent.

What is the most cost effective way to ship my product?

Most couriers will lock you into standard pricing based on the number of packages you're shipping. At Interparcel, we do things differently. You'll have access to pricing reserved for the big guys - right from the start. And if you're a bigger shipper, contact us for bespoke pricing.

How do I calculate shipping costs?

The Interparcel Shipping Manager will fetch your orders and offer a range of competitive services to choose from. Additionally, if you enable Live Quoting with our Shopify app or WooCommerce plugin, services and prices will be quoted live in your customers' cart.

How does it help me fulfill my orders?

Your orders are imported from your connected ecommerce platform. Within seconds you can validate, process and print your shipping labels. Once this is done, your orders are marked as despatched in your ecommerce platform, and their tracking details updated.

How much does it cost?

The Interparcel Shipping Manager is free for everyone. We don't believe in charging subscription or useage fees.

Need to know more?

With big names like UPS and TNT, you won't go wrong leaving your parcels in our care.
If you run an eCommerce store, you'll find we have the service, experience and pricing to help your business grow.

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Ecommerce Integration for every online store

Shopify is just one of many shopping platforms that Interparcel support.
We have more platforms coming online all the time, and an API for bespoke websites.