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Who are Hi-Trans Express?

Hi-Trans Express is a distinguished national transport operator in Australia, specialising in the general and express road transport of palletised freight across the nation. As an independent family-owned company based in Adelaide, Hi-Trans Express boasts a robust national branch network, ensuring comprehensive coverage and exceptional service.

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Unlock some of the most competitive Hi-Trans Express rates through Interparcel. No courier account is necessary—simply start getting quotes immediately on our platform. Take advantage of a variety of shipping tools to speed up your fulfilment process and improve the post-purchase experience for your customers. Enjoy the most cost-effective pallet deliveries with Hi-Trans Express, using Interparcel.

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Why Ship with Hi-Trans Express Using Interparcel

  1. Simplify Order Management for Seamless Fulfilment: Integrate platforms and marketplaces like Shopify, WooCommerce, and eBay to import, fulfil, and manage orders within a centralised dashboard.

  2. Automation Tools to Save Time: Create automated conditions and actions, such as selecting Hi-Trans Express for certain product orders, to reduce your daily fulfilment time.

  3. Enhance Customer Loyalty with Unique Post-Purchase Experiences: Customise a tracking portal with your logo, color scheme, and promotional banners to keep your customers engaged with your brand throughout the delivery process.

Why Hi-Trans Express is the Perfect Courier for Your Business

Since opening in 1978, Hi-Trans Express has grown from a local delivery service to a nationwide courier, now handling more than 30,000 shipments per day.

Hi-Trans Express stands out for its customer focus, achieved through a wide range of delivery services and a dedication to constantly improving its advanced technology systems.

To effectively manage its fleet of over 1,100 vehicles, Hi-Trans Express has developed and installed a sophisticated route-management system that includes GPS tracking and Mobile Data Terminals. This system enables the highest possible productivity from their available resources.

Instead of creating accounts with every single courier provider, sign up for one FREE Interparcel account and access exclusive shipping rates for Hi-Trans Express Road, B2B, and pallet delivery services.

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Special Rates for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Interparcel offers pre-negotiated rates with Hi-Trans Express for small and medium-sized businesses, typically reserved for larger corporations. Select from standard, B2B, or pallet delivery services to secure the best shipping rates in Australia.

Complimentary Shipping Tools At No Extra Cost

  1. Automated Notifications and Tracking Numbers: Send SMS and email alerts to customers, keeping them informed of their parcel's arrival time.
  2. Streamline Your Order Fulfilment: Import orders from all your online stores without manual data entry. Select your courier services, book, and save time and effort.
  3. Efficient Packing to Save Costs: Use our Smart Boxing tool to save on packaging materials and ensure efficient packing, minimising excess space inside boxes.

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Hi-Trans Express Courier Services

The range of Hi-Trans Express delivery services we offer are some of the most comprehensive.
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