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Who are DHL eCommerce?

In 2014 the former MAIL Division of Deutsche Post DHL Group was renamed Post - eCommerce - Parcel with each of the 3 sub-divisions clearly focused on a specific market. Deutsche Post and DHL Paket are the leading providers of mail and parcel services for business customers and consumers in Germany. DHL Parcel offers e-commerce related logistics across Europe, while DHL eCommerce covers the rest of the world.

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Sending a parcel with DHL eCommerce has never been cheaper or easier.
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DHL eCommerce Parcel Tracking

All our DHL eCommerce services include full tracking from collection to delivery as standard.
Visit our DHL eCommerce Tracking Page and enter your 12 digit tracking number to track your parcel

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Expand internationally with one of the best ecommerce delivery services and Interparcel. No need to create a separate courier account with our centralised platform. Using Interparcel, you can ship multiple lightweight products with DHL Ecommerce in one parcel, allowing you to save money on pickup fees. Experience the cost-saving benefits of this international shipping service today.

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How Interparcel Enhances the Shipping Experience With DHL Ecommerce

  1. Effortless Order Management in a Single Dashboard: Easily connect your favourite ecommerce platforms and marketplaces like Shopify, WooCommerce, and eBay with just one click. This integration allows you to quickly import, fulfil, and manage your orders efficiently.

  2. Automation Tools to Save Time: Utilise our automation tools to set up unlimited rules for routine tasks, such as shipping specific products with DHL ecommerce. This significantly reduces the time you spend on parcel shipping.

  3. Create Memorable Post-Purchase Experiences: Develop a customised tracking portal that features your logo, colour scheme, and promotional banners. This personalised touch encourages shoppers to return, building loyalty and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Why DHL Ecommerce Is the Optimal Choice for International Shipping

As the name suggests, DHL eCommerce specialises in providing` choice, convenience, control, and quality for ecommerce merchants and customers.

The courier service’s grand plans are to become a leader in global ecommerce related logistics. It offers a range of options to help you get your parcel into your customer's hands no matter where in the world they’re located.

The size and weight of the products you sell aren’t an obstacle. With the Interparcel International Bulk Solution, you can consolidate small and lightweight parcels into one package. It will get delivered to a DHL eCommerce fulfilment centre, where it will separate the individual items and ship them to your customers using that country’s local postal authority.

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Special, Affordable Rates for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Interparcel provides pre-negotiated rates with CouriersPlease that are usually reserved for large enterprises, now accessible for small and medium-sized businesses. As a courier aggregator, we leverage our high shipping volumes to secure discounted rates that benefit your business.

Instant Access to Free Shipping Tools

  1. Automated Tracking Updates: Use email and SMS notifications to keep customers informed of the exact moment their parcel will arrive.

  2. Fulfil Orders in a Few Clicks: It’s as simple as importing orders from all your online stores, selecting your preferred courier services and finalising the booking.

  3. Save on Packaging Materials: Spend less on packaging materials with our innovative packing tool, Smart Boxing, which ensures every order is packed efficiently, so you save on delivery costs.

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DHL eCommerce Courier Services

The range of DHL eCommerce delivery services we offer are some of the most comprehensive.
Click on any courier service below to find out more information.

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