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How to Create TikToks That Grab Your Consumers Attention

10th October 2023, 5:05am in Business by Jake Taylor

According to Viralyft, TikTok has over 1.7 billion monthly active users.

In Australia, it’s been reported that it’s the 7th most-used social media platform and that people spend up to 24 hours per month watching short-form videos.

But inVideo reported that over half of all major brands are yet to create an account. That means there is an opportunity for your business to be seen by customers worldwide.

So how do you get started? Before you practice your dance moves, follow this guide to learn how to create TikToks from scratch.

Creating a TikTok Account

TikTok is simple to sign up for. Here’s what to do to get your business on the platform:

  • Download TikTok from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Open the app and choose how you want to sign up—for example, using Facebook or an email address.
  • You’ll need to enter your birthday. Users must be at least 13 years old to create accounts, and there are other age-related restrictions to ensure community safety.
  • If you sign up via a phone number or email address, you’ll be prompted to enter it and create a password.
  • Choose your username. For businesses, it’s a good idea to use the same username across social media accounts so customers can easily find you. Try to keep it easy to remember. But you can always change it later if you need to.
  • Sync your contacts to find friends on the app. TikTok will also prompt you to complete your profile by taking three actions:
    1. Uploading a profile photo.
    2. Creating your bio.
    3. Adding your name.
  • You can also link your Instagram and YouTube accounts by tapping Edit Profile.

Making a TikTok Video

Now that you have an account, it’s time to post your first video. Follow these steps when you’re ready to create TikToks:

  1. Start by tapping the + sign at the bottom of your screen. You can also choose Create Video on your profile page.
  2. Select a video from your Camera Roll or start filming by tapping the red Record button.
  3. Decide whether you want to make a 15-second, 60-second, 3-minute or 10-minute video.
  4. You can trim the length of your clip by using the Adjust Clips option in the right-hand menu.
  5. Add music to your video by tapping the button at the top of the screen. TikTok will suggest songs based on your video. But you can also use the search bar for other options or sound effects.
  6. You can add different effects, stickers, or text from the options in the right-hand menu.
  7. If your video has any spoken content, add captions to make it more accessible.
  8. When you’re done editing your video, tap Next at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Here you can add hashtags (three to five is recommended), tag users, and adjust settings such as Allow Duet and Allow Stitch. You can also choose a cover still for your video.
  10. Hit the Post button and wait to go viral!
  11. Once you’ve created multiple TikToks, consider adding a playlist with your top-performing posts.

Tips for Creating TikToks Customers Want to Watch

With hours and hours of content on TikTok, getting your business in front of your target customers might seem impossible. But here are some tricks to help your videos get discovered:

  • The first few seconds of your TikTok are the most important. You need to capture your customer’s attention instantly; otherwise, they will keep scrolling.
  • Utilise trending songs and audio clips, as many TikTok users will discover videos via the audio.
  • Authenticity on TikTok is more important than perfection. Professional-looking videos can look out of place or come across as ads, so lean towards genuine content over highly polished pieces.
  • Engage with your audience through comments. Encourage them to share their thoughts, and consider responding with your own TikToks or replies.
  • Keep it short and sweet. While you have the option to create up to a 10-minute video, the most viral and engaging TikToks often get straight to the point.

Follow Other TikTok Creators for Inspiration

If you’re new to TikTok, it’s beneficial to follow creators and businesses similar to yours on the platform. Observing their content can offer invaluable insights for your own video creations and strategy.

Want more inspiration from other social media platforms? Consider following Interparcel! You can connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Additionally, our YouTube channel is packed with informative and educational content that can help optimize your fulfillment strategy and expand your business. Don't forget to like our videos and subscribe to stay updated!

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