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Avoid Surcharges by Packing Automotive Parts Correctly

26th July 2023, 6:06am in Shipping Advice by Jake Taylor

Shipping automotive parts doesn’t have to be expensive.

Just because these products are heavy and come in various shapes and sizes doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to get them to your customers. You just need to ensure you have the right packaging solutions and you’re packing automotive parts correctly.

The majority of our customers often have difficulty packaging their automotive parts correctly. Such packaging errors are the reason why automotive panels are listed as 'Restricted' on our Prohibited and Restricted Items page.

As a result, we generally recommend that customers avoid using our services for shipping these items. However, if your going to do it, you might aswell do it right. That's why we've put together these expert packaging techniques to show you exactly how to do it correctly.

Choosing the Best Packaging Solutions for Auto Parts

The best place to start is by looking at what automotive parts you’re shipping, as they will all have different requirements. For some, you can use cost-effective packaging for auto parts, while others might be best to travel on pallets. Some examples include:

  • For car engines, these are prohibited unless they are flushed through completely to avoid any oil dripping through the packaging. If it's flushed, you should then place them in a crate and ship them by pallet. It’s easier to ship heavier items than other methods and is better for the environment as the packaging can get recycled. Many Interparcel courier providers offer this service so you can determine the most cost-effective way to ship your product.
  • Transmission parts are trickier. You’ll want to remove the smaller pieces, like the shift controls and ship these in a smaller box separately. For the large and bulky parts, you can place them in a plain double-wall cardboard box or use pallet shipping to get them to your customer.
  • Car exhausts have sharp edges, so you’ll want to wrap it in multiple layers of bubble wrap and place it in a double-wall cardboard box to keep it secure.
  • When shipping smaller items, you’ll want to choose the most cost-effective packaging for automotive parts. The best strategy is to upload your product and package dimensions into Interparcel and activate Smart Boxing. It will provide the most efficient way to secure your items so there is no wastage when shipping these parts.

How to Pack Automotive Parts

Once you’re clear on the packaging material you’re using to ship automotive parts, the next step is to pack them correctly so you don’t pay more on delivery than you have to. Make sure to use these expert tips.

  • If you’re packing automotive parts in boxes, always use a plain double-wall carton box to get the best results.
  • Don’t overfill your box, as it can change the shape and warp it.
  • Ensure there are no loose ends, as this can impact the courier costs.
  • Never overseal the box because it can change your parcel measurements.
  • Use craft paper or bubble wrap to keep fragile items secure, and ensure you place a label on the box so the delivery driver knows it’s precious cargo.
  • If you’re shipping automotive parts using a pallet, secure it before collection.

How Packing Automotive Parts Correctly Saves You Money

The last thing you want to receive after shipping automotive parts is an invoice from the courier with additional costs related to your delivery. Thankfully, you can avoid these notifications by ensuring you’ve packed it correctly and your parcel dimensions and weight are accurate.

It’s essential to remember that courier machines rarely have any human intervention. The devices always measure the largest dimension of each axis regardless of where it is on the box. So it’s a good idea to place it against a wall, record the width, length and height, and round these numbers up one or two centimetres. You should also round up the volumetric weight, which is preferred over the parcel’s dead weight.

The Best Way to Ship Automotive Parts

You might think the most challenging part about saving money on shipping automotive parts is finding a courier. Not when you use Interparcel. You can access Australia’s largest range of courier providers from our home page. Simply input the dimensions and hit the “Quote Me!” button.

But if you want access to all of Interparcel’s multicarrier shipping solutions, then sign up for a free account. You can utilise Smart Boxing to pack parcels efficiently and Print Manager to get labels directly for the platform. You can even use Rule Manager to automate manual tasks. Access all of these tools today by signing up for your free Interparcel account.

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