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Everything You Need to Know About Click Frenzy

1st November 2022, 4:04am in Business by Laura Hurtado Isalt

Can you believe that 2022 is the tenth anniversary of Click Frenzy?

The sale that stops the nation launches in a week and is the online event that kickstarts the peak sales period for ecommerce stores. In 2020, customer traffic to the Click Frenzy website grew by 131% and attracted over five million visits across retailer websites.

With numbers like these, why wouldn’t you want to get involved in this epic event? So what do you need to know about Click Frenzy, and how do you participate? Let’s find out.

What is Click Frenzy?

In 2011, an entrepreneur was frustrated that there were no “one day only” sales in Australia like in the US. So he decided to create Click Frenzy, an annual national online shopping event.

The first Click Frenzy sale was held in 2012 and was so successful that it became an annual occurrence. It’s even multiplied to include sales events in May (Mayhem), July (Julove), Click Frenzy Sports and Click Frenzy Travel.

How Does it Work?

Click Frenzy partners with retailers to promote the best deals and exclusive offers. All the sales are showcased in one location, allowing buyers to browse through all the items easily. The brand also contacts its database of 1.6 million people and markets the event to drive as many people to its website as possible.

When customers are ready to finalise their purchase, they are linked to the retailer to buy the item. Typically, the Click Frenzy event runs for 24 hours. However, this year, it will run for 53.5 hours, so more people have the opportunity to grab a bargain.

What Can You Do as a Retailer?

There are two options available to advertise your deals as part of Click Frenzy.

Entry Level

The Entry Level option is ideal for retailers with a budget under $500. You’ll take control of your advertising budget and manage your own campaigns. It’s perfect for first-timers who haven’t participated in the sales event before and want to see if it benefits the brand.


The Premium option allows you to collaborate with the Click Frenzy sales team to find the best plan of attack. You get ongoing assistance from the production team and top spots throughout the website as well as Carousel, Billboard and Leaderboard ad space.

How to Prepare for Click Frenzy

Once you know how you’re going to participate in Click Frenzy, the next step is to prepare yourself for an abundance of orders. Time will be precious, so you’re going to want to formulate a plan so you can ship parcels as quickly as possible. Some tips you can follow are:

  • Reduce manual processes by processing orders through the Interparcel Shipping Manager.
  • Utilise a multicarrier shipping solution to de-risk your business and ensure suppliers don’t negatively impact your brand.
  • Install the Interparcel Print Manager to get labels directly from the platform instead of downloading PDF files.
  • Activate Smart Boxing to efficiently pack multi-item orders and save money on packaging.
  • Provide customers with a link to the Branded Tracking portal, so they don’t have to ask you where their parcel is.

Who Can Support You During Click Frenzy?

Click Frenzy will take place on Tuesday, November 8, at 7 pm and will be the last big sales event for the brand in 2022. If you want to participate, you’ll want to make sure your business is ready to handle the volume of orders coming your way.

Interparcel’s multicarrier shipping solution can support you with all your parcel delivery needs during Click Frenzy and beyond. You can manage your orders in one easy-to-use dashboard, print shipping labels directly from the platform and automate tracking notifications so customers know where their package is at all times. Find out more about how Interparcel can help you save time and money during the peak sales period!

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