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How to Boost Customer Engagement Through Interactive Quizzes

19th April 2021, 12:12am in Business by Shauna Mulholland

How often do you see people taking online quizzes to see what 'Friends' character they are or what kind of pizza topping they would be? These fun online quizzes get a huge engagement rate! BuzzSumo data shows that on average a quiz gets shared 1,900 times, others go way beyond that, some up to 4 million!

There's an opportunity for brands to engage with their customers in an interactive online quiz as well.

Implementing an ecommerce quiz on your site could bridge the gap of instore and online experiences and give your customer the confidence to buy from your brand.

By asking your customers the right questions, you could get valuable insights into your customer, boost engagement rates and increase your marketing opt-in list.

What is an eCommerce Quiz?

An ecommerce quiz is a collection of questions used by online brands to match customers to relatable products and recommendations. Implementing a quiz can help brands gather data on their customers which then can be used later on in a remarketing campaign.

What kind of eCommerce Quizzes are there?

Product Finder Quiz

A 'Product Finder Quiz' is when you ask your customer a series of questions about their likes, dislikes, challenges, ideal solutions and then you provide them with a recommended products.

Your quiz acts like your online sales person, finding out what exactly your customer is looking for and your quiz results are the products you would recommend.

Sephora's Skin Finder is a great example of this, the quiz asks about your skin concerns, desired outcomes and preferred product consistency to serve you up personalised results.

eCommerce Quiz

Customer Onboarding

Research completed by Hubspot found out that the top two reasons for customer churn is:

  1. They don't understand your product.
  2. They don't obtain value from it.

Using a quiz based customer onboarding strategy could cut down on how many customers you lose. Finding out what your customer is looking for and being able to provide them with a personalised experience guide by showing them relevant products and target them with custom messages.

Companies like Twitter and Pinterst use this onboarding tactic by asking what your interests are so they can provide you with images/ messages that appeal to you and that you find valuable.

eCommerce Quiz

Grow your email list

Use your quiz as a lead capture tool. Offering your customers more information or a discount code will motivate them to share their email address. You then can use this to remarket to them at a later stage.

James Smith Academy gives his customer a basic answer then offers to go more in depth through email. Once the customer enters their email, an automated email is sent to the customer sharing some insights. This benefits the customer as they receive educational details and benefits the brand as they have another opt-in email address.

eCommerce Quiz


Customers are looking for authentic brand experiences. By creating a quiz that will help you understand your customer better and increase the personalised messaging, this will build brand loyalty and increase repeat customers.

    Some tips for your quiz:
  • Make your quiz fun and alluring
  • Quizzes don't need to be long or too in depth, keeping them short and snappy will help keep customers engaged.
  • Use incentives to encourage people to opt in such as a promotional code or more educational information.
  • Ensure you have personalised your quiz to your brand

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