Mother's Day Gift Ideas: What to Get

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: What to Get

6th May 2020, 12:05am in Lifestyle by Cassie Puah

Tracing back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who held festivals for mother goddesses, celebrating mothers and motherhood is as old as the hills. Evolving later into a Christian tradition 'Mothering Sunday' took place on the fourth Sunday in Lent, when the faithful would journey back to their 'mother church' or main church.

Not so much a religious custom nowadays, Mother's Day is an occasion to celebrate those pivotal women we hold near and dear. Be it a mother in law, foster mum, step mum, nan, aunt or even a Dad that is a mum too. After putting up with us their patience and perseverance (especially when we spill tea on the beige carpet) deserves rewarding!

While Mother's Day is celebrated globally, traditions often differ depending on nation. For example, in Ethiopia, families gather after the rainy season for Antrosht for a large feast accompanied by singing songs to honour motherhood. Although a Brit singing songs of celebration may seem a rare sighting and you may not have the time to throw a festival to put the Greeks to shame, we do have some simple ideas to show your appreciation this Mother's Day.

Is this her first Mother's Day?

You certainly can't give her back those sleepless nights so why not remind her of what a champion she is? Matching birthstone bracelets double up as a gift for both her and your little one when they get older, for that added sentimental value! Or why not get a-very cute- footprint casting kit, to really set in stone (pun intended) how great she is on her first Mother's Day.

Being a homebody this year?

If you won't be able to make the trip back to the 'mother church' this Mother's Day, why not go the extra mile (metaphorically) and make a personalised pillow? You know she's definitely missing that beautiful, beautiful face of yours, so why not have it printed in all its glory on a cushion this year?

Your local Officeworks can create canvas prints of your chosen photo onto a cushion from $19.95 - so just collect from your local store, package it up and let us do the rest. We've put together a handy guide on how to send a parcel with us so you've got all the information.

Feeling crafty this year?

If you've got Valentines flowers left-just like your girlfriend did - then reuse them! Take each flower and press between heavy books. Just simply leave to flatten and dry and arrange inside a frame- job done!

Portraits of pressed flowers make a pretty picture and can preserve her favourite flowers forever, however if you're no bookworm and heavy books aren't accessible, there's lots of other methods of flower pressing! Be aware that when sending picture frames you won't be covered for any damage whilst in transit so make sure to wrap your gift items in bubble-wrap or other protective materials!

We also know that timing is crucial for these occasions, so with our fast parcel delivery with a wide range of trustworthy couriers and competitive rates you could send a parcel across the world in a single day! Get a quote with our comparison tool to find out how much you can save on both Australia and international courier services.

Want to get the little ones involved?

Rally the troops and turn this Mother's Day into an introduction to cooking/baking and make her breakfast in bed à la the kids! Go above and beyond with home-style silver service-send your mini waiters and waitresses up to present their hand-made menu filled with mother's day recipes just to add a little extra sophistication to her morning. Have a look at these kid-friendly baking recipes for some ideas.

Want to guarantee all around favourite status this year?

Curate a gallery of fine artistic masterpieces - works that will shock and awe by artists that are as small as their ideas are big. Turn the kid's artistic imaginations into framed poster prints to be exhibited on the famed walls of mum's or nan's house this year and give a gift that will keep on giving. Or even task them with making a Mother's Day card she'll never forget.

Want to get her all the things you know she loves?

Create a personalised mother's day gift with a hamper! Does she only ever drink L'OR Classique instant coffee? Or has she always used that Estee Lauder lipstick in shade 333? Or can you ever even remember her getting some new slippers? Make a tailor made Mother's Day hamper filled with all the things that she loves and we'll post it straight to her door, no matter if that's Bristol or Brisbane.

Just keep in mind when assembling your hamper that some items can't be sent in the post. Always check our prohibited items list to see if your chosen courier can deliver your items safe and sound.

Is she keen to try new things?

Does she love spending time outside of her comfort zone? Be it an Introduction to Yoga, an experience day hot-air ballooning or even a Paint and Sip mother's day event for a boozy art afternoon, take her on a Mother's Day activity or treat her to the opportunity to try something different this year!

Sending a voucher or gift card in the post is simple, just be sure to make use of our transit cover to insure the value of your gift when booking with us.

Mother's Day with Interparcel

Making deliveries both within Australia and internationally has never been so simple. Providing a range of services from click and collect to next working day deliveries mean that fast delivery safely shipped to their destination has never been more straightforward. So no matter the distance sending mum's gifts across the globe a little love this Mother's Day can be easy and low cost through Interparcel.

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