COVID-19 Update: How Does this Affect Your Deliver

COVID-19 Update: How Does this Affect Your Delivery?

12th March 2020, 3:03am in News by Cassie Puah

Dear customers

In the wake of COVID-19, we feel that it’s important to keep you, our valued customers, informed of any changes to the way your parcel is delivered through Interparcel. The responsibility of stopping the spread of the virus lies in all of our hands, and as a result, many of our courier partners have implemented measures to reduce the risk of spread. This involves reducing the exposure of drivers to person to person contact; instead they will

• Deliver the parcel to the doorstep, or at reception
• Ring the doorbell (or reception bell), and the driver will wait for the recipient of the parcel to attend
• Leave the parcel in a safe location, if the delivery location is unattended
• Or return the parcel to the depot and delivery will be rescheduled, if there is no safe place to leave the parcel

If you think that this will, in any way, affect your delivery please contact our Customer Service team for support at

We will continue to update you on any changes to our service

Thank you

The Interparcel Team

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