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New Feature Alert! Connect Multiple Accounts from an Ecommerce Platform

12th September 2022, 12:12am in Services by Laura Hurtado Isalt

Your dream has come true!

After several requests from our customers, Interparcel is excited to announce our new feature in the Shipping Manager. You can now connect multiple accounts from popular ecommerce platforms such as eBay, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

It’s now easier than ever to ship parcels across all your stores. It doesn’t matter if it’s your personal account where you sell items within your household, the ecommerce stores you operate, or the logistics division at your organisation. You can connect one or all of them even if they’re all from the same platform.

Find out all about this cool new feature and how you can start using it today!

What is the New Feature?

Interparcel provides easy, uncomplicated shipping for your business. Our one-click integration allows you to connect your ecommerce platform to our multicarrier shipping solutions.

But what if you have several eBay accounts? Maybe you have a personal one, another for your ecommerce brand, and a third for an additional business you manage? Previously, you could only connect one of these accounts to Interparcel.

Not anymore. Now you can connect them all, import your orders, and manage everything in one convenient location.

How to Connect Multiple Accounts

Connecting multiple accounts is simple.

Within the Integrations tab, you’ll notice a new box showing your current connections. It will display the platform you’re using, the name of the connection, details about it, and the date you linked it.

Ecommerce Integrations

You can easily add multiple accounts by hitting the connect button below your preferred ecommerce platform. Just like our other one-click integrations, connecting your store takes a couple of minutes and will allow you to import orders in seconds.

Connect Platforms

Keep an eye on this excellent new feature as more platform integrations are coming soon!

The Benefits of Connecting Multiple Accounts

There are several advantages to connecting multiple accounts with Interparcel’s multicarrier shipping solutions. Here are just some of the most popular:

  • You’ll save time managing orders across multiple stores and searching for the best price to send parcels
  • You can manage everything in one convenient location instead of logging into several websites or applications
  • You de-risk your businesses by having access to multiple courier companies who can fulfil your orders on time and on budget
  • You reduce the risk of errors thanks to our address validation feature and retrievable reports on the orders you’ve previously fulfilled
  • You don’t have to pay to use this new feature. Just like all our shipping solutions, it’s free for everyone!

Start Shipping Easier

It doesn’t matter if you need to ship one package or 300. We’ve got you. Our new feature that connects multiple accounts from an ecommerce platform helps you spend less time on sending parcels and more on the parts of the business that matter to you.

With our one-click integrations, you can easily connect all of your stores from your favourite ecommerce platforms. Once connected, simply import your orders, validate, and ship away. It’s that easy. Head to this page to use Interparcel’s free multicarrier shipping solution today!

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