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Everything You Get When You Integrate Your Ecommerce Platform with Interparcel

6th May 2022, 1:01am in Services by Laura Hurtado Isalt

Trying to manage your orders across multiple ecommerce platforms can be a headache.

It can lead to costly errors and burn bridges with customers who may choose not to do business with you again based on their shipping experience. Managing your orders individually across all ecommerce platforms is also time-consuming. It can take you away from other vital business tasks.

Thankfully, Interparcel can make this critical process a lot easier for you. Interparcel can integrate with dozens of popular ecommerce platforms. One example is Maropost, who we spent some time with at Retail Fest 2022 to discuss how Interparcel helps their customers fulfil orders across industries such as fashion, sports, and homewares. You can check out our conversation in the video below.

You receive many benefits when you integrate Interparcel with your ecommerce platform. Here's what you gain access to when you make the connection.

What You Receive When You Integrate Interparcel with Your Ecommerce Platform

Integrating Interparcel with your ecommerce platform offers many advantages. You can save time, money, and gain access to multiple features.

Import Orders from Multiple Ecommerce Platforms

Whether you're using one ecommerce platform like Maropost or selling your products across multiple channels, you can import all your orders into our Shipping Manager and manage them in one easy and convenient place.

Once you've integrated Interparcel, you can fix address issues, add optional extras such as transit cover, and choose the right courier service that matches your needs and your budget. Once you've processed your orders, they will even get marked as fulfilled in your ecommerce platform and include the relevant tracking information.

Offer Live Shipping Rates

With supply chain issues and fuel surcharges impacting courier rates, it can be challenging to know what to charge your customers for delivery. Interparcel allows you to put this decision in the hands of your buyers. You can provide them with prices from multiple courier services.

They can choose between traditional and express delivery options. You can even rename these services, display transit times, and add any additional handling charges. There are also international delivery choices that include tariff calculations and rate changes.

Customisable Experience

In addition to the Shipping Manager, you will also gain access to the Branded Tracking Portal. This feature can be customised to match your brand and allows you to keep your customers up to date on where their parcel is.

They will know when the shipment has been booked, is in transit, out for delivery, and waiting by their door. You can even include advertisements on the Branded Tracking Page to encourage customers to make another purchase.

Smart Boxing

If you want to pack multiple orders with as few parcels as possible, then you can enable the Smart Boxing feature in the Interparcel Shipping Manager dashboard. It allows you to automatically package multi-item purchases and maximise every inch in your parcel.

Smart Boxing also helps you reduce your shipping costs by ensuring you don't overspend on parcels. Simply update your boxes and product measurements in your account, and you'll always send the correct number of packages.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps

Integrating your ecommerce platform with Interparcel doesn't require contacting an IT specialist. You can get started with three easy steps.

  1. Log into your Interparcel account

  2. Select your ecommerce platform

  3. Connect your store

The best part is that using the Interparcel Shipping Manager and all of its fantastic features is free. We don't believe in charging subscription or usage fees.

Start saving time and money today. Head over to this page to learn more about why you should integrate Interparcel with your ecommerce platform.

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