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Live Shipping Rates: Why you Should Offer them

4th November 2021, 12:12am in Services by Laura Hurtado Isalt

With high parcel delivery volumes during peak season sales, a multi-carrier solution like Interparcel will help you choose the right service you need to ensure your parcel arrives in time and improve delivery performance.

What if your customers can see these services available in real-time?

By offering shipping calculated rates at checkout you are giving your customer the power of being the decision-maker, avoiding client disappointment and reducing cart abandonment rates.

What is Live Shipping Quoting?

Live shipping quoting is real-time rates; it offers updated quotes to your customers. These rates are calculated according to the collection address, delivery address, dimensional or actual weight, measurements of the parcel and the type of service.

Your customer will see their options at checkout and choose the one that suits them best:

Live Shipping Rates

Why you should Offer Live Shipping Rates

Live shipping quoting will help you improve your customer experience and manage your shipping costs. These are the benefits of offering calculated shipping rates at checkout:

Avoid Overpaying or Underpaying

If your shipping rates are flat, you might need to adjust the shipping cost after your customer has paid for the order. By calculating live rates at checkout, you won't need to worry about extra costs, so you will maximise your margin and have better control of your expenses.

Offer More Choice to your Customer

Using the live quoting feature for your online store will allow your customers access to a larger range of services, giving them the option to choose if they would like to pay more and use an express service or pay less and use a standard service.

Be Transparent with your Customer

There is nothing worse than hidden delivery fees. Be transparent with the information you are giving to online shoppers by displaying live delivery options to avoid disappointment and unexpected costs.

Show Delivery Transit Times

Show delivery timeframes so your customers know when to expect their orders. By being aware of the transit times, especially now that it's peak season, you will offer a great customer experience and you can stand out from your competitors. To offer the transit time at checkout you will need to set up the Live Shipping Rates first.

How you Can Offer Live Shipping Quoting with Interparcel

Personalise the delivery options for your customers through our multi-carrier solution. To do this you will need to enable the Live Shipping Rates option from your Interparcel account. This is available for Shopify and WooCommerce for free, without any extra fees or subscriptions.

You will be able to set up the live quoting option for your online store in 4 easy steps. Watch how you can activate your Live Shipping Rates in your Shopify store here:

Create an Interparcel account for free here and start using our services to fulfill your orders with ease.

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