TNT Manual Handling Surcharge

The TNT Manual Handling, Residential & Other Fees Explained

8th August 2022, 6:06am in Services by Laura Hurtado Isalt

If TNT is one of your preferred courier services for your parcel delivery, you've likely noticed the manual handling processing fee, the heavyweight residential pickup/delivery fee and/or other fees.

As the world watches prices for everything increase, it's normal to dive deeper into where your money is going and understand the fees and surcharges you are paying. While the TNT processing fee has existed for some time, now is an excellent time to learn more about them and why they exist.

What is the TNT Heavyweight Residential Pickup and/or Delivery Fee?

TNT charges a heavyweight residential pickup and/or delivery fee. Its important that you have correctly weighed and measured your items as they may be subject to this fee once a package audit is completed. Please ensure that you select the correct service when sending to a residential address to ensure that you are paying the correct rate.

A Residential address means a home or private residence, including locations where a business is operated from the home or private residence, and/or a shipment in which the shipper has designated the delivery/pickup address as residential.

This fee will be applied to each consignment’s chargeable weight, which is the greater of the dead weight and the cubic weight.

  • Heavyweight Residential Pickup (RP1) - 63 AUD: Fee per consignment for pick up from a residential address with a chargeable weight of 30kg and over, but less than 100kg.
  • Heavyweight Residential Pickup (RP2) - 198 AUD: Fee per consignment for pick up from a residential address with a chargeable weight of 100kg and over.
  • Heavyweight Residential Delivery (RD1) - 63 AUD: Fee per consignment for delivery to a residential address with a chargeable weight of 30kg and over, but less than 100kg.
  • Heavyweight Residential Delivery (RD2) - 198 AUD: Fee per consignment for delivery to a residential address with a chargeable weight of 100kg and over.

What is the TNT Manual Handling Processing Fee?

The TNT manual handling processing fee was introduced in March 2017 and it has been updated to $15.50 (excluding GST) taking into effect from the 14th of August 2022. Its purpose is to reduce the number of parcels that can't be processed through the sorting machines. These items require human intervention because of their size, weight, or fragility. Sometimes it can be because the packaging isn't sufficient, the parcel is unstable, or the shape of the item is unusual.

As it requires staff members to sort these items manually, it slows down the delivery process for all the other parcels. If more packages can meet the requirements to get sorted through machinery automatically, then TNT can deliver your product to customers faster.

When is the Manual Handling Processing Fee Applied?

The good news is that when you use Interparcel's shipping solutions, you don't have to use a calculator to determine how much you need to pay. The TNT manual handling processing fee gets automatically applied to specific parcel dimensions. They include:

  • The parcel length is less than 20 cm or greater than 120 cm
  • The parcel width is less than 10 cm or greater than 60 cm
  • The parcel height is less than 1.5 cm or greater than 80 cm
  • The diagonal length is greater than 120 cm
  • The parcel weight is less than 250 g or greater than 30 kg

What Parcels are Exempt?

Provided your parcel is within the dimensions listed above, it would be exempt from the manual handling processing fee. There is also an exemption for TNT branded satchels travelling on a TNT Domestic Priority service. This includes the 9:00 Express, 10:00 Express, 12:00 Express, and Overnight Express.

It's important to note that if you're using a TNT branded satchel, it must be contained and sealed correctly. This type of packaging cannot be used for products listed as dangerous goods or fragile products by TNT. We also recommend reviewing our prohibited and restricted items to better understand when you can use our shipping services and when you can't.

What is TNT Book-in Request Fee?

If you are sending parcels to an Amazon warehouse or any other location where the receiver has specific time and day delivery requirements, understanding TNT's additional charges is crucial for smooth and cost-effective shipping.

Among these charges, the TNT Book-In Request Fee stands out at $40 per request. This fee is applied per shipment for each request to defer the delivery date/time beyond the standard transit time. It's important to note that this fee can be incurred multiple times per shipment and is in addition to any other applicable surcharges or fees related to the shipment. This includes the existing Redelivery/Futile Delivery fee for every unsuccessful attempt.

To steer clear of the Book-In Request Fee, proactive communication is key. We recommend reaching out to your receiver, ensuring they can accept the delivery within the standard timeframe and confirming there are no special Book-In procedures to follow.

What are the TNT Book-In Storage Fees

In addition to the Book-In Request Fee, businesses should be mindful of TNT Book-In Storage Fees, which are applied per shipment and per day. Here's a breakdown of the storage fees:

  • Day 1 to Day 2: No Book-In Storage fee is applied for the first two days. Day 1 starts on the next business day after TNT/FedEx receives the shipment at the destination depot/location.
  • Day 3 and Day 4: A storage fee of $50 per shipment (per consignment note), per day is incurred.
  • Day 5 onwards: The storage fee increases to $75 per shipment (per consignment note), per day.

These storage fees are in addition to any other applicable surcharges or fees related to the shipment, including the Book-In Request fee.

How to Find the Right Courier Service for Your Parcel

Many parcel courier services include fees and surcharges to help streamline their operations. It's good to do a deep dive into how the prices are calculated and what you need to do to avoid paying more than you have to. However, you don't need to visit every single courier website to compare prices and find the best service. We've got you.

With Interparcel's multicarrier shipping solutions, you can easily compare courier services and select the carrier based on price or estimated delivery time. Our all-in-one platform means you'll spend less time on manual processing and more on the things that matter most to your business. Find out more about our multicarrier shipping solutions here!

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