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How to Use the Interparcel Shipping Manager to Fulfill Your Orders

27th April 2022, 5:05am in Services by Laura Hurtado Isalt

Have you always wondered what the Shipping Manager tab is for in your Interparcel account?

The first time you click on it, you’ll see that there are no shipments. You’ll also find a button to create a shipment and to fetch orders. But where do they come from? The only option you can see is a CSV file.

There’s no need to refresh the page to see if anything changes. All you need is a handy guide to walk you through the Interparcel Shipping Manager. Once you know how to use it, you’ll be able to take care of all your orders from CSV files as well as ecommerce platforms and marketplaces.

So where is this handy guide? It’s right here! Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about Shipping Manager.

What is the Interparcel Shipping Manager?

The Interparcel Shipping Manager helps you process and dispatch orders from CSV files and all the ecommerce platforms and marketplaces you sell your products on.

That’s right! You don’t have to log in to each one individually to fulfil your orders. You can import them into this single-view dashboard, compare delivery rates, choose your preferred courier and ship them in minutes. You can even leverage these other Interparcel shipping tools to save even more time on parcel delivery.

Ecommerce Platform and Marketplace Integrations

The first thing you want to do is integrate your ecommerce platforms and marketplaces with Interparcel. It doesn’t matter how many profiles you have. You can link them all

Integrating these platforms with Interparcel lets you import all your orders into Shipping Manager. From there, you can finalise them by choosing from Australia’s largest range of courier providers to deliver the parcels.

Address Validation

It’s common for customers to input the wrong address details when they get too excited about buying a product from you. But these mistakes can cause issues when it comes to delivering the parcel.

Thankfully, the Interparcel Shipping Manager features built-in validation and correction to ensure your parcels get to the right destination.

Rule Manager

Do you notice there are specific manual tasks you’re doing over and over again when shipping parcels? Instead of continually doing them, you can use Rule Manager to automate these duties.

All you need to do is define the conditions and choose the actions you want to take. Conditions could include factors such as orders from an ecommerce platform, and actions might be adding transit cover.

Smart Boxing

If you want to pack your parcel in the most efficient way possible every time, then you should use Smart Boxing. It’s perfect for multi-item orders when you want to use the least number of boxes possible.

It’s also a great way to show your customers you care about the environment. Smart Boxing can help reduce parcel wastage and save money on filling materials used to cushion small items in large boxes.

Parcel Presets

Another benefit of adding your parcel dimensions is it can save even more time in Shipping Manager. Instead of copying and pasting box sizes every time you send a package, you can use the information from the Parcel Presets page.

Give the parcel a name and add the length, width and height. You can also add the weight and contents information if it’s the same every time, but these details are optional.

Multiple Collection Address

You can even save multiple collection addresses with Interparcel. This is a massive time saver for businesses that store products in several locations.

Simply go to the Settings page and click on the Pickup Addresses tab. Your account address will always be the default, but you’ll easily be able to switch to other ones when you’re managing orders in Shipping Manager.


The Interparcel PrePay feature is perfect for businesses that want to manage their fulfilment budgets or don’t want to save a credit or debit card on the platform.

You can easily add credit to your PrePay balance anytime, and the funds will be available immediately. There is also an option to top up your credit automatically, but you will need to save your card to use this feature.

Print Manager

Printing shipping labels should be one of the easiest tasks when dispatching parcels. However, it seems like you always have to download the document, open it in a PDF viewer, and finally send it to a printer.

But not anymore! Now you can use Print Manager to get shipping labels directly from the platform. It’s even compatible with 6x4 thermal printers meaning you don’t have to cut labels from A4 pages.

Why You Should Use the Interparcel Shipping Manager

There are many advantages to using the Shipping Manager to fulfil your orders. Some of the most common reasons why businesses utilise it are:

Reduce Processing Times

Everything you need to fulfil your orders is in one location. You don't need to spend your mornings or the hours in your day logging into each ecommerce platform to organise deliveries and find the best rate from courier providers.

Efficient Order Fulfilment

Leveraging tools like Rule Manager and uploading multiple collection addresses can save valuable time on fulfilment. You’ll find the number of steps in your shipping process decrease no matter how many orders you send.

Save on Costs

Interparcel has negotiated the rates from courier services on your behalf. You're getting the best prices that are generally reserved for large enterprises. Smart Boxing can save you even more money on multi-item orders by recommending the best way to pack the products.

How to Use the Interparcel Shipping Manager

You can start using the Interparcel Shipping Manager in three easy steps. Simply log into your account, connect your ecommerce platform, and start importing and fulfilling your orders. The best part is that using Shipping Manager is free. We don't believe in charging subscription and usage fees.

What are you waiting for? Start saving time and money now by heading over to this page!

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