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Delivering the Goods: What Sets Allied Express Apart

23rd May 2023, 1:01am in Services by Jake Taylor

Not sure which courier provider should deliver your parcels?

Interparcel has Australia’s largest range of courier providers. But if you’re unfamiliar with all the fulfilment partners we offer, it can make it difficult to know who to choose. While we only work with reputable and trusted companies, you might still want to learn more about the businesses delivering your parcels.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed Allied Express as you browse our competitive rates in the Shipping Manager. They offer multiple services, including the popular Allied Road Express. If you want to learn more about how this provider can help your business, find out here!

Who is Allied Express?

Allied Express is Australia’s largest independently owned courier and express freight company. They have over four decades of experience in the industry. The company even has a fleet of more than 1000 vehicles that deliver up to 30,000 shipments per day.

There are Allied Express depot locations in all capital cities and a head office in Sydney. They also partner with 50 agencies to help deliver parcels nationwide. It allows them to offer fast and efficient transport solutions to meet any need, from inner-city deliveries to long-haul services.

But what sets Allied Express apart is its commitment to going above and beyond for its customers. They understand that entrusting your products to a transport company is a significant decision, and they take that responsibility seriously. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sending a small box or a heavy pallet.

What are the Allied Express Service Options?

You’ll find multiple Allied Express transport options in Interparcel’s Shipping Manager. These options will appear based on the type of delivery that you require.

  • Allied Pallet: Need to send heavy items on a pallet? The Allied Pallet service can ship it Australia-wide. It even comes with an Allied Express tracking number.
  • Allied Pallet Taillift: Ship a pallet up to 1000 kg in weight and 200 cm high throughout the country.
  • Allied Road Express: Send a parcel between east coast capital cities within two working days. For everywhere else, it’s between three and nine working days.
  • Allied Road Express ATL: If your customer isn’t available to collect their parcel, the driver can leave it in a safe location so they don’t have to pick it up at an Allied Express depot.
  • Allied Road Express B2B: If you primarily ship packages to other businesses, this service is for you. Items must be in cardboard boxes, and surcharges apply if the parcel isn’t delivered to a business address.
  • Allied Road Express B2B ATL: If no one in the business can collect your item, Allied Express can leave it in a safe place to avoid visiting an Allied Express transport depot.

Who Would Benefit from Booking Allied Express

Allied Express is an excellent choice for any business that needs parcels and pallets shipped around Australia. The company specialises in getting your items to your customers quickly, especially if they are based on the east coast of Australia. For the rest of the country, they will strive to deliver it within nine working days.

It’s also ideal for logistics managers that send parcels to alternative offices or other physical businesses. The Allied Express B2B option can ensure it arrives quickly, and they will leave it in a safe place if no one is around.

The courier company also understands the hassle of visiting a depot or collection location. Allied Express delivery times are between 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. If your customers cannot receive their parcel during these hours, the drivers can leave it in a discreet location to collect. The Allied Express tracking number will get updated to let the customer know it’s waiting for them.

The Benefits of Booking Allied Express with Interparcel

You could make a booking with Allied Express via their website. But there are several advantages when you use Interparcel to ship a parcel.

  • Book in bulk: Instead of copying and pasting customer information one by one into a courier website, you can integrate Interparcel with ecommerce platforms and marketplaces or upload a CSV file. You can manage all your orders in a single-view dashboard and fulfil all your orders in a few clicks.

  • Branded tracking: Your customers won’t need an Allied Express tracking number. You can send them to a personalised portal featuring your branding and logo. It will give them everything they need to know about where their parcel is.
  • Computer screen with customer tracking using a branded display
  • Email and SMS notifications: There’s no need to follow up on an Allied Express delivery. You can opt-in for email or SMS notifications to find out when your parcel is booked, is on its way, is out for delivery, and is in your customer's hands.
  • Fulfilment automation: If you ship the same products in the same parcels every time, you can automate the process using Rule Manager. You can even choose to book with Allied Express when orders meet specific criteria.

  • Interparcel website interface for using the rule manager
  • Competitive rates: Interparcel has negotiated exclusive rates with Allied Express to ensure you get the best deal possible for their services.

How Interparcel Gets You the Best Allied Express Rates

Many businesses and logistics managers try to secure exclusive rates with courier providers. It takes a lot of time and effort to negotiate discount prices. It often requires minimum delivery volumes as well as other intricate terms and conditions. The process even involves multiple people within the organisation signing off on contracts.

Interparcel has been a part of the industry for more than a decade. We have utilised our knowledge of the sector and organisational size to negotiate exclusive rates with providers like Allied Express, which are usually only available for major corporations. We believe everyone should have access to affordable shipping regardless of if you’re an ecommerce solopreneur or the logistics manager for a global organisation.

How to Book Allied Express with Interparcel

We’ve made shipping parcels with couriers like Allied Express simple. You can even do it from our home page. Simply enter the destination, where it’s coming from and the parcel dimensions to get a quote.

However, you’ll unlock many more benefits when you create a free account. You can integrate Interparcel with multiple ecommerce platforms or marketplaces to manage orders in one place, provide customers with personalised tracking portals and automate repetitive fulfilment tasks. Sign up for your free account today to access these incredible shipping tools!

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