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The Best Way to Ship Lightweight Products Overseas

17th January 2023, 4:04am in Services by Laura Hurtado Isalt

Are you tired of trying to find the cheapest way to ship lightweight products overseas?

It doesn't matter where you look to cut costs or how many accountants you talk to. On paper, it doesn’t make financial sense to scale your business globally.

But what if you could send multiple small and lightweight products to over 220 countries worldwide within one parcel? You would spend less on pick-up fees. You can also establish a global presence for your ecommerce business.

The Interparcel International Bulk Solution does precisely that. You’ll save on shipping costs and scale your company globally. It also won’t significantly alter operations or impact your bottom line. Here’s how to get started.

Why You Should Scale Your Business Globally

Haven’t thought about shipping your lightweight products overseas? There are several good reasons why it should be on your roadmap.

  • Grow your customer base: By scaling globally, you can introduce your ecommerce business to new types of customers, leading to increased revenue.
  • Diversification: Scaling globally also allows your business to diversify its customer base. You will reduce your reliance on one market or region. This mitigates risks and makes your online store more resilient.
  • Access to new markets: Expanding globally allows you access to new markets with different purchasing behaviours and preferences. It can help your ecommerce business grow and evolve.
  • Increased competition: Shipping internationally can identify new competitors for your business. It will lead to product innovation and improve the overall quality of your offering.

How Does the Interparcel International Bulk Solution Help?

The Interparcel International Bulk Solution is perfect for ecommerce businesses looking to expand their reach globally. It allows you to ship multiple small and lightweight products to over 220 countries within a single parcel. You can save on pick-up fees by paying for just one collection from your courier of choice instead of trying to find the cheapest rate for each individual parcel. You can even track the pick-up and delivery of each package. You’ll receive one email with the tracking number of the collection and a second one with the information for each one you’re shipping overseas.

Interparcel has created a simple process for using their International Bulk Solution. First, log in to your account and activate bulk services. Next, process your international orders and choose the appropriate service for the destination country. Select the service DHL Ecommerce Parcel Direct Bulk for packages going to the USA or DHL Ecommerce Packet Plus Bulk for all other countries. Be sure to individually package each item and attach labels before putting them in a larger box. Finally, arrange for a courier to pick up the box and take it to the DHL depot where the individual parcels will be sorted and sent overseas.


How to Ship Lightweight Products Overseas With Interparcel

At Interparcel, we know you want easy and uncomplicated shipping for your ecommerce business. That’s why we’ve made activating the Interparcel International Bulk Solution as simple as possible. Don’t take our word for it. Watch this two-minute video to see for yourself.

Start Scaling Your Ecommerce Business Today

If you’re ready to introduce your online store to new customers, you should activate the Interparcel International Bulk Solution. It’s the easiest way to ship lightweight products overseas. You can start sending parcels to over 220 countries, grow your customer base and increase your revenue. It won’t significantly change your operations or impact your profit margins.

All you need is a free Interparcel account. You’ll gain access to the Interparcel International Bulk Solution, our Shipping Manager, Branded Tracking Portal and the largest selection of courier providers in the country. You can even integrate multiple ecommerce platforms and profiles with just one click. Don’t leave scaling globally on your to-do list. Sign up for your free Interparcel account today.

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