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What Can the Interparcel Shopify App Offer You

26th September 2022, 2:02am in Services by Laura Hurtado Isalt

There are a lot of benefits of using Shopify to build your ecommerce empire.

It’s quick and easy to create a store. You don’t need any technical knowledge. There are also SEO and marketing tools to help you attract visitors.

The apps that you can find in the Shopify App Store will help you with everything from taking payments to inventory management. However, there is one essential add-on you need that can ensure your parcels get delivered on time, under budget, and with ease.

That’s right. The Interparcel Shopify app is live and provides a one-stop shipping solution for your business! Find out why you need to head to the Shopify app store and install it now!

What is the Interparcel Shopify App?

Shopify apps add unique features and functionality that can help take your ecommerce store to new heights. Some add-ons assist with marketing, conversion rate optimisation, and cross-selling.

But perhaps the most vital element of any ecommerce store is the fulfilment solution. You don’t want to spend all day sending parcels. As you grow your online store, you will need something to help you save time and money on shipping.

The Interparcel Shopify app is a multicarrier shipping solution that seamlessly integrates with your store and helps you effortlessly fulfil items. You can import your orders and process them in minutes instead of hours using the Shipping Manager. The Branded Tracking portal keeps your customers informed about where their parcel is at all times. You can even scale globally sooner and ship packages to over 200 countries around the world.

But that’s just where the benefits start.

Shopify App Store

What are the Benefits of Using the Interparcel Shopify App?

The Interparcel Shopify app provides you with easy, uncomplicated shipping for your business. If you’re a current customer of Interparcel, you’re already familiar with all of the advantages of utilising our multicarrier shipping solution. But if you haven’t had the pleasure, then here are just some of the benefits you can expect when you install the app.

  • You can manage your Shopify orders as well as purchases from other popular ecommerce platforms such as eBay, WooCommerce, and Etsy, all in one dashboard.

  • Reduce cart abandonment by offering live shipping rates and estimated delivery times.

  • Choose your preferred courier providers from renowned companies such as Couriers Please, StarTrack, DHL, UPS, Allied Express, Aramex, and more.

  • Utilise the Branded Tracking portal to inform customers where their parcel is at all times.

  • Reduce manual tasks by printing shipping labels directly from the Interparcel Shopify app instead of downloading and opening via a PDF viewer.

  • Connect with our highly recommended Australian-based Shipping Solution Consultants who can talk you through customising the platform to your unique requirements.

  • The Interparcel Shopify app is free! You don’t pay a fee or subscription to access all these features—just the shipping charges.

How to Get Started

We’ve made installing the Interparcel Shopify app as simple as possible. In fact, you can do it in four steps.

  1. Create a free Interparcel account or log in.
  2. Hover over shipping tools and click Integrations.
  3. Click 'Connect' next to the Shopify Icon, and click 'Connect to Shopify' to be taken to the shopify app store.
  4. Click 'Install' and log in to your shopify store.
  5. Your Shopify Store is now connected!

Simplify Your Shipping

Whether you’re just starting to build your store or looking to scale your business, the Interparcel Shopify app provides you with an easy and uncomplicated multicarrier shipping solution.

You get access to features like the Branded Tracking portal, Live Shipping Rates, and several others that can help reduce manual tasks and allow you to focus on the parts of your business that matter most to you.

Download the Interparcel Shopify App and start shipping easier today!

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