CUP O FLORA: Addicted to Growth, Inside and Out

(Case Study) CUP O FLORA: Addicted to Growth, Inside and Out

24th August 2020, 10:10am in Case Studies by Cassie Puah

Social entrepreneur, Odi Reuveni, turns to Interparcel for choice and control over his shipping processes. The result? 350% growth in 4 years (and your favourite flower).

Sustainable to its core, CUP O FLORA, is a self-watering glass pot that ensures your best plant friends are always hydrated. It all stems (pun intended) from it's clever design - the wick located in the external pot that allows your plants to absorb water on their own. Green thumb or not, your home will be a plant paradise before you know it.

"What I love about Interparcel is the ability to decide which company I use, something that is not available with other suppliers."

Tell us about your origin story?

My passion for plants led me to situations where I had to rescue plants from friends and nurseries and bring them back to life. I wanted to create a one-of-a-kind pot that would make plant ownership a breeze. My challenge was to come up with an intuitive and clean alternative to conventional pots that would make plant care easy. So I decided to use my training as a researcher to explore the market and came across a small plastic pot while travelling in South America. From there, I spent six months improving the design and quality of the product, resulting in the beautiful yet simple CUP O FLORA self-watering pots.

Odi Cup O Flora

What is your background in business?

I worked for myself for most of my adult life. Whether it was driving a taxi in Perth in the early 2000s, or having my own bookkeeping business. I always enjoyed the challenge of starting small and seeing it grow, knowing that it all depends on me, not anyone else.

What was your shipping like before Interparcel

True to the boots on the ground mentality of a start-up, I used a combination of self-delivery, Australia Post and Sendle.

What about with Interparcel?

CUP O FLORA uses the Interparcel Shopify App with their B2C and B2B websites. This has led to speedy turnarounds and super-quick deliveries to their retail outlets and retail customers.

  • Reduction in manual time spent addressing parcels
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased number of shipments per year
  • A large range of couriers to choose from at competitive rates

What is your process like now?

Now that we've connected our two stores with Interparcel's Shipping Manager, our process is simpler and faster. Our customers visit our online shop and checkout. Then an invoice is automatically printed using Zapier's integration with Quickbooks. We open the Interparcel Shipping Manager, confirm the service we want to use and pay. Using Zapier, the payment invoice is automatically sent to Quickbooks, which knows how to extract the amount and tax paid. With Interparcel's automated label generation the shipping label is automatically sent to our thermal label printer. We then take the invoice and label and prepare the order for shipping.

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