8 Tips to Ensure Your Parcel is Delivered Safely

8 Tips to Ensure Your Parcel is Delivered Safely

27th April 2020, 12:04am in Shipping Advice by Cassie Puah

At Interparcel we know that be it a small business shipping all over the world or a single sender shipping to a loved one, getting your package safe and sound to its destination is your no.1 priority. We can take the stress of organising delivery out of your hands, but we need you to cross the T's and dot the I's before we can do that!

Here are a few checks we'll need you to make before sending a parcel. If you want to send a parcel internationally and aren't sure what documents you need or if you need to ship a valuable item abroad this guide can help!

1. Don't send prohibited items!

To reiterate – DON'T SEND PROHIBITED ITEMS! This may be obvious, but some people may just assume it's A-Okay to send a package full of knives with a courier. It's very important to check our prohibited and restricted list to see if what you want to send can be. This is also vital when sending internationally as some border controls may have special restrictions on items entering the country.

If you do somehow end up missing this warning, your parcel may be refused at customs and returned to you or even destroyed.

2. Have the correct address and add a return address

This may be obvious but incorrect addresses are a more common issue than first thought. They can be easily prevented however, as all you need to do is clearly and correctly print the address on a visible area of the package – make sure to cover any previous address marks so the courier service won't get confused.

The format of addresses is often different for countries abroad so make sure to double-check with your recipient or sender to make sure the address is correct and ready to be written.

3. Secure packaging

Packaging your items correctly is a very important step. Even if your parcel won't be traveling on a cargo plane to be shipped internationally, it will still be processed by at least two depots and placed on several conveyor belts.

Although damage to your parcel on any route of delivery is very unlikely, it's very much worth packaging your items on the side of precaution. Packaging items in bubble-wrap within sturdy cardboard boxes securely shut with packing tape is always our best advice for any package, even the niche ones!

4. Make sure you have all the documents and labels you need

The useful thing about shipping with Interparcel is we provide you with all the documents and labels you need free of charge! To send parcels internationally for less we compare all the best courier prices to get your package where it needs to go plus with these pre-prepared labels and documents given to you on booking you save time AND money!

Make sure you fill them in correctly, so they won't be turned away when checked at customs and secure them to your package!

5. Get transit cover

When using Interparcel to send cheap parcels in Australia and abroad, we offer a level of transit cover to protect you from loss or damage as standard. But if you're looking to send items of some worth of sentimental value its always worth adding additional insurance.

We offer a 'Goods in Transit' cover which acts as a door-to-door insurance policy that protects your items from the point of collection to when it's delivered onto the doorstep of your recipient. This is often very useful when sending fragile or very large items.

6. Use Interparcel's full tracking services

In this day and age, tracking your parcel is a vital resource when sending or receiving a parcel. This may be because you want to know when to be in to answer the door or you're just so excited for its arrival it's like waiting for Santa to arrive with your presents.

When you send a parcel with Interparcel we offer you full tracking services for all of our couriers. This means you'll be able to monitor your shipments as it reaches all of its checkpoints and be notified when it's out for delivery on the other end.

If you're having any issues figuring out where your parcel is, you can contact our dedicated support team via live chat, email or telephone.

7. Enlist a trusted neighbour

If you have exhausted all other options and you simply won't be able to receive a parcel at your address you can always have a neighbour take it in. Maybe because you're an essential worker or perhaps staying with family, you can arrange your parcel to be sent straight to this amended address for delivery.

This option is often safer than having a courier place your parcel in a 'safe place' outside your property. Just make sure your neighbour is aware of this arrangement and won't be shocked when you have three year's supply of cat food delivered on a Thursday morning!

We know all there is to know about parcel delivery - so if you have any more questions or inquiries surrounding changes to delivery methods due to COVID-19 our customer service team are available from 8 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday.

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