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What is a Multicarrier Shipping Solution?

9th December 2022, 12:12am in Shipping Advice by Laura Hurtado Isalt

Whether you’re in ecommerce or logistics, there are a lot of terms you need to learn.

You have to know what the cart abandonment rate is so you can improve your purchase experiences. There’s also marketing jargon like click-through rate and search engine optimisation. Then there are the customer metrics. For example, net promoter score and lifetime customer value.

One phrase you might have come across is multicarrier shipping solution. It’s an important one.

Multicarrier shipping solutions make it easier for you to run your business. It also saves you money on fulfilment costs and gives your customers more choices for receiving their parcels.

If you’ve always wondered what a multicarrier shipping platform does, wonder no more. Here’s everything you need to know.

Carrier Shipping Vs. Multicarrier Shipping Solutions

What do you do when you receive an order?

Do you head to your favourite courier company website to find the best shipping rates? What happens if you aren’t happy with the price? You could browse the dozen other sites until you find something that won’t eat into your margins. However, this can be inefficient if you have dozens of orders to process.

A multicarrier shipping platform simplifies the process for you. It already has the best shipping rates from multiple carriers loaded into the platform. All you need to do is enter the parcel details to find the costs, select the one you’re interested in, print your labels, and you’re good to go.

The Benefits of a Multicarrier Shipping Platform

There are multiple reasons why ecommerce brands and logistics managers should consider switching to multicarrier shipping solutions. Some of the most popular advantages are:

  • Control Shipping Costs: Multicarrier shipping solutions make it easy to compare rates from multiple courier providers. You can choose the carrier that meets your needs and budget.

  • Delivery Estimates: The Australia Post Delivery Experience Report 2021 found that 60% of customers want the certainty of when their parcel will arrive. A multicarrier shipping platform can help meet this expectation.

  • Track Shipments: You can track all your orders in one dashboard with multicarrier shipping solutions instead of navigating several websites.

  • De-Risk Your Business: If there are supply chain issues or staff shortages, you can use a multicarrier shipping platform to find alternative providers to deliver your parcels quickly.

  • Platform Integration: Forget about managing your orders across multiple platforms. You can integrate ecommerce systems with multicarrier shipping solutions to organise them in a single-view dashboard.

  • Save Time: You can import orders with one click and easily complete bulk deliveries. You’ll end up spending less time on shipping and more on the areas of your business that need your attention.

What to Look for in Multicarrier Shipping Solutions

Not all multicarrier shipping platforms offer the same features and benefits. When researching providers, make sure they include these vital functions to ensure they improve your parcel shipping process.

Selection of Couriers

The larger the choice of courier companies, the less risk to your business. You can choose from multiple carriers to ensure your parcel gets delivered on time. You should ensure the providers have good reputations and are trusted, as they will act as extensions of your brand.

Integration Choices

If you sell products across multiple ecommerce platforms, you’ll want to integrate them with a multicarrier shipping system. You can have a single view of your orders and manage them in one place. Make sure you can include additional accounts if you own multiple online stores.

Ease of Processing Orders

The faster you can process orders, the better. It should be simple to import your orders and organise deliveries. That goes for shipping labels. You don’t want to have to download multiple files and then print labels. Look for a solution that can print directly from the platform.

International Delivery Options

If you have grand plans for your business and want a global presence, you’ll need a multicarrier shipping system with international delivery capabilities. This includes having access to courier providers that are trusted worldwide. Selling lightweight products shouldn’t stop you. Search for a platform that can keep parcel shipping spending down for these products.

Shipment Tracking Services

You’ll need to notify customers where their parcel is at all times. Instead of organising emails or SMS messages, use a multicarrier shipping solution that includes the option to send buyers to a tracking portal. You should be able to customise it to match your brand, so shoppers have a consistent experience.

Start Improving Your Shipping Process

If you find there are not enough hours in the day to manage your ecommerce brand or logistics department, then you should consider making the switch to a multicarrier shipping solution. You’ll save time on organising parcels, de-risk your business and provide customers with more choices at checkout.

You don’t need to adjust your budget if you’re using Interparcel. Our multicarrier shipping solution doesn’t require you to pay fees or subscriptions. It’s free for everyone and integrates seamlessly with all the popular ecommerce platforms. Sign up for a free account and start shipping easier today!

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