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Will I have to pay customs charges when I send a package?

2 years 3 months ago in International Orders

This is unpredictable and is at the discretion of the customs in the destination country. If applicable these charges will need to be paid by the receiver of the goods. 

Incorrect Customs Declaration

9 years 5 months ago in International Orders

An accurate description and reason for Export must be entered on The Customs invoice. If customs find different items than declared or an incorrect reason for export stated (such as Gift when …

How does Interparcel price international deliveries?

2 years 3 months ago in International Orders

International deliveries are priced by using the declared weight and measurements of the parcel. These details will be used to determine price, service and courier. 

What documentation do I need for my international delivery?

2 years 3 months ago in International Orders

As your parcel is going overseas, you will need to create a Customs Invoice. This document will be provided to you via the order page. Depending on the commodity you’re sending you may be …

Will my import incur additional charges?

2 years 2 months ago in International Orders

Some extra charges may be applicable. The most common are freight charges due to the under-declared weight/measurements and Customs Charges. Import shipments are subject to GST and/or …