How to Ship Large Items in Australia

How to Ship Large Items in Australia

21st August 2020, 10:10am in Shipping Advice by Cassie Puah

At Interparcel, we aren't biased toward the small and easily shipped packages. Large, heavy and long parcels are equal in our eyes! No matter the size, you'll save time and money on large parcel delivery when you book with us. We have over 15 years of experience sending to 250 destinations and territories, and we've negotiated the best large parcel postage prices to keep delivery affordable!

It's simple to send large parcels with us, but in preparation for the big send-off, we'll walk you through some techniques and precautions you'll need to put in place before our specialist couriers can collect.

How to Package a Large Parcel

Whether you're looking to ship a large parcel as a once-off or if you're an online seller keen to send long, large or heavy items, you'll need to spend some time on packaging.

Size, Shape, Weight

If you're looking to ship an oversized package, you'll need to be sure that the box fits appropriately and is strong enough to ensure durable protection in transit.

Use the Right Material

For large and heavy items, you need to use a strong cardboard box with stitched or stapled seams rather than glued seams. For items over 5kg, you'll want a double or triple-walled corrugated box for appropriate protection. Ideally, use new packages rather than old ones to ensure they're strong enough to carry weight.

When shipping a long item, you can secure two strong cardboard boxes together with heavy-duty packing tape targeting the seams of the box. But keep in mind, the larger the package, the lower the durability. So make sure it's secured well or double boxed to cover all bases.

If you're an eco-conscious sender, there are biodegradable options such as mushroom packaging or reusable materials. But always ensure it supports the size and weight of your items.

Use the Right Protection

After you've found outer packaging for your large or heavy items, you will need to pad the inside of the box for protection.

Fill the inside of the box with packing peanuts, inflatable bags, crumpled paper, thermocol or bubble wrap to make sure that movement is kept at a minimum whilst in transit.

After you've padded the box sufficiently, secure the entire parcel closed with packing tape. Masking tape will not support long, heavy or large packages, so make sure you are generous with properly adhesive duct tape or similar.

Examples of Large Items to Send

Customers choose Interparcel as our specialist couriers are more than capable of quickly and affordably shipping large items. Here are a few of our most common products and how you can effectively prepare to send them:

How to Ship a Pram

These invaluable constructions made for carting the kids around will need careful preparation before shipping! On the surface, these look tough to send, but we can make it simple. Here's a brief overview of what to do when sending a pram:

  • Fold it down
  • Secure loose parts
  • Wrap all parts in protective material
  • Place inside a cardboard box
  • Fill space inside the box with protective materials
  • Tape to secure the box closed

How to Ship a Bike

As summer continues, everyone wants a bike to pedal around in the sun. Whether you're selling or shipping a bicycle to a loved one, there are a few things to do before sending it:

  • Have a suitable box ready
  • Dismantle all parts that come away (saddle, pedals, wheels, handlebars)
  • Deflate each wheel
  • Wrap all parts in protective material
  • Place inside box
  • Fill space in the box with protective materials
  • Tape box closed

How to Ship a Fishing Rod

Whether you've just sold a fishing rod online or are off on holiday and want to ship your equipment ahead of you, we recommend you take a little extra care and attention when preparing to send fishing rods or poles.

  • Dismantle the rod - make sure it's as short as it can be
  • Wrap each part separately in bubble wrap
  • Place the elements into an outer cardboard box/tube
  • Pad any empty space inside the box with protective materials to minimise movement
  • Tape the box up to secure the fishing rod inside

The Cheapest Way to Send Large Parcels

The cheapest way to send a large package is to get a quote with Interparcel. After packaging and protecting your parcel, you should weigh and measure its dimensions. Simply pop these into our Quote Tool and browse through price comparisons with Australia's most reliable couriers.

We only partner with the best of the best. Our couriers are experts at handling large parcels, so you know your packages are in good hands. When getting a quote with Interparcel, you'll be able to see the best prices for Australia and international parcel delivery. So sending heavy packages doesn't have to break the bank!

A few more tips on sending large items

Before you ship your large parcels, you should consider a few extra things:

Transit Warranty

Particularly when sending oversized packages of substantial value covering the cost of loss or damage is essential. All of our shipments come with a level of cover, and while accidents with our couriers are rare, it's worth adding Transit Warranty up to the cost of the item to be safe.

Pallet Options

When sending a heavy item that requires a pallet, book in with one of our pallet sending specialists, TNT, Hunter Express, Allied Pallet and Northline and follow our guide before doing so.

Questions and queries

If you have any questions about your booking or how to post a heavy parcel or large package, Allied Pallet and get in contact with our Australian-based Shipping Solution Consultants. They're available via telephone, email, and live chat from 8 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday!

Having a good understanding of how to ship large parcels can mean you aren't restricted when selling or moving oversized items. We can always help you find the right courier for any size shipment. So you can rest assured your packages are in reliable hands and on route to their destination!

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