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Delivering the Goods: What Sets TNT Apart

13th November 2023, 10:10pm in Services by Jake Taylor

Are you trying to determine the best courier provider to support your business?

With Interparcel, you can access Australia’s most extensive range of courier providers. But maybe you don’t have time to go through each one to find out if they’re the right fit for your business. You might recognise the TNT brand. After all, they have been delivering parcels for over 70 years.

You’ll find several TNT options in the Interparcel Shipping Manager. They provide many domestic services and can also ship your parcels overseas. There are even import options. If you want to find out more about TNT and their offerings, look no further. It’s all here!

Who is TNT?

Thomas Nationwide Transport, known more commonly as TNT, started in 1946 with just one international truck. Over the years, it grew significantly and partnered with multiple organisations to increase its reach across Australia and overseas.

Today, TNT has merged with FedEx to deliver parcels around the country and to more than 220 countries and territories. Every week in Europe, TNT completes 55,000 trips by road and over 700 flights.

TNT’s size and experience in the industry means it can provide more services than most other providers. The company offers B2C and B2B solutions as well as the option to ship using pallets for larger items.

What are the TNT Service Options?

There are many ways to ship with TNT, regardless of the size of your item or the location you want to send it to. Here are the options available to you.

TNT Domestic Delivery Services

If you need to ship a parcel within Australia, you can choose from one of these services.

TNT Overseas Delivery Services

For international deliveries, you can choose from one of these services.

What Businesses Should Ship with TNT

TNT provides a comprehensive delivery solution for parcels up to 25kg, making it an excellent choice for e-commerce deliveries directly to residential addresses or consumers.

For heavier parcels exceeding 25kg, TNT is more appropriate for business-to-business transactions. Due to the substantial residential surcharge for these heavier items, TNT's services for such weights are not cost-effective for e-commerce deliveries to residential addresses. Instead, they are better suited for wholesale businesses that require reliable and efficient transportation of bulk goods.

When it comes to international shipping, TNT excels in catering to all types of businesses for both exports and imports. They offer a variety of shipping options to accommodate the size and weight of the parcels, ensuring that businesses can find a suitable service for their international logistics needs.

The Benefits of Booking TNT with Interparcel

It’s easy to ship with TNT on their website. But it’s even easier when you use Interparcel. Plus, you get access to all these great benefits.

  • Ship Efficiently: Streamline your shipping process by integrating Interparcel with an ecommerce platform or marketplace or by uploading a CSV file to manage all your orders in one dashboard.
  • Personalised tracking portal: Give customers access to a personalised portal featuring your branding and logo. It provides all the necessary information about their parcel’s location.
  • Email and SMS notifications: Stay informed at all times about your parcel’s status. From the moment you book it until the time it arrives, you’ll get notified every step of the way.
  • Automated fulfilment: Save time by automating the process with Rule Manager for shipments of the same products in the same courier every time.
  • Exclusive rates: Interparcel has negotiated exclusive rates with TNT to ensure you receive affordable prices for all their services.

How Interparcel Gets You the Best TNT Rates

Many businesses and logistics managers attempt to secure discounted rates with courier providers to try and manage shipping costs. But this can be pretty labour-intensive. It requires a significant investment of time and energy to negotiate the right prices.

Interparcel has been a part of the industry for over ten years. We have utilised our expertise in this sector and organisational size to negotiate exclusive rates with providers like TNT. We believe everyone should have access to affordable shipping regardless of how many people work for your company or how many parcels you need to ship.

How to Book TNT with Interparcel

Shipping parcels with Interparcel is simple. You don’t even need to leave the home page. Simply enter the destination, where it’s coming from, and the parcel dimensions to get a quote from courier companies like TNT.

But you’ll gain multiple benefits when creating a free account. You can integrate Interparcel with your ecommerce marketplace or platform to import orders. There are also valuable tools like Rule Manager and the Branded Tracking Portal. Sign up for a free account today to access these incredible shipping tools and more!

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